The English Mountain Story


Our Story and Our Founder

Our Story:
Nested deep in the hills of East Tennessee stands a proud and beautiful mountain: English Mountain.
Within English Mountain, 2,500 feet below the Earth’s surface, is a spring that into a peaceful, quiet…

Our Founder:
John Burleson was born and raised in East Tennessee, just a stone’s throw from
the Great Smoky Mountains.
While working in the business world, John began studying
and researching the bottled water..

Engineered by Nature,  Bottled with Perfection.  Est. 1997

 English Mountain Spring Water
Products & Services

We think you’ll find that English Mountain Spring Water
is the best tasting water in the world. Actually, it is! At the 1999
Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition
held in West Virginia, English Mountain Spring Water was
distinguished as “The Best Tasting Water
in the World” competing against such big names are…


English Mountain Private Labeling. 1997

Private Labeling

Utilize the booming popularity of clear refreshing spring water
to promote your business. Customized for your business,
private labeling can be a consumable commodity
as well as a unique souvenir. Used as a marketing tool to promote a
specific target, the tourism industry, food service or any private
business or group function, private labeling can
benefit anyone’s business. Call today and let us explain how
private labeling can work for you! 

English Mountain Facilities & Distribution

Facilities and Distribution

The English Mountain Spring begins more than 2,500 feet below the Earth’s
surface, an estimated 2,500,000 gallons of clean, clear water flows from
the spring on a daily basis. At English Mountain Spring Water

Company, we take the water that is engineered by nature and bottle it with perfection.
We bottle our water a mere 900 feet from the source. No traveling, carrying or shipping that could lead to contamination.

An interview with John Burleson

An interview with John Burleson

An interview with John Burleson, owner and founder of English Mountain Spring Water.

In this interview, John talks about the company’s origins, 
the present, and the future of the company.

English Mountains Professor E.M. Spring

English Mountains Professor E.M. Spring

English Mountains Spring Waters Professor E.M. Spring

Professor E.M. Spring for Sales events, school visits and general appearances.
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